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We are now taking submissions for the official charity of Dragon Con 2017.

At Dragon Con, we raise money for our designated charity throughout the convention via auctions and other events. These funds are donated to a designated charity that is selected at the beginning of the Dragon Con year in January. Organizations selected in the past have represented a wide range of community services, including support for families facing lupus, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and heart disease, assistance for the homeless, community food banks, education and libraries. In general, we look for a charity that can provide opportunities for our members, staff and volunteers – The Dragon Con Superheros – to have hands on volunteer experience and that will greatly benefit from the funds donated by Dragon Con. As the official charity of Dragon Con, we ask that the charity actively participate in the show at the convention, we provide a fan table (Thursday through Monday, with Thursday through Saturday seeing the most traffic) to give you an opportunity to educate our attendees on your mission. We host several charity events throughout the show, including our main auctions of Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and we encourage you to be a part of these as well. We have seen that having volunteers present to educate people has a direct positive impact on the fundraising efforts of our fans. Passion is most certainly contagious with our group! We evaluate each application based on organizational impact, financial need, and volunteer opportunities. Our goal is to ensure that each applicant is given equal consideration.

Click here for more information about Dragon Con, the charity selection process, and our charity requirements.

Robert A. Heinlein "Pay It Forward" Blood Drive

Give the gift of life and donate blood at the Dragon Con Blood Drive. For LifeSouth, which serves more than 40 hospitals in the Atlanta area and more than 110 hospitals in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, Dragon Con is a major donation venue.

In 2015, the drive welcomed 3171 donors and collected 2,678 units, assisted by a crew of more than 60 people from all three states who descended on Atlanta to handle the flood of donors in costume.

Blood Drive Hours:

Thu. Sep 1

Fri. Sep 2

Sat. Sep 3

Sun. Sep 4

Mon. Sep 5













Location:  Hilton on the Galleria Level

Don’t miss out this year! Join us, give blood, get a free T-shirt!

Blood Drive


If you have any questions about the blood drive, please check out our FAQ for answers.

Check out the blood drive on Facebook.

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Dragon Con Superheroes

The Dragon Con Superheroes, a community service project team for our members, volunteers, and staff will continue in 2017.  In its first three years, the Dragon Con Superheroes contributed nearly 2000 hours of community service in the months leading up to Dragon Con.  Projects included packing and sorting food items for the Atlanta Community Food Bank, maintaining trails at Sweetwater Creek State Park, working the Walk to End Lupus Now, building community gardens with the ACFB, supporting the Lymphoma Walk, mulching the Piedmont Park dog parks, and soliciting donations and packing backpacks with For the Kid in All of Us.  In all, about 250 Dragon Con fans and their family members worked on our nine projects.  We are looking forward to even more participation this year so that it can be our best year yet.  On top of the incredible generosity of our members, the community is strong and loves a good reason to get together outside of Labor Day weekend and we couldn't think of a better way to do so! Click here to learn more! We hope to see you at one of our projects this year.

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