Kathryn Hinds

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Kathryn Hinds is a prolific author whose most recent book is the epic fantasy The Healer’s Choice (Dark Oak Press, 2015), which was a Georgia Author of the Year Awards Finalist. In 2014, she collaborated with photographer Fox Gradin and writer James Palmer on The Forty, a collection of photographs and short stories reimagining the tale of "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" (published by Celestial Studios). Kathryn’s first poetry collection, Candle, Thread, and Flute, came out from Luna Station Press in 2013, a year that also saw the release of her six-book series Creatures of Fantasy (Cavendish Square). This series brought Kathryn’s total number of nonfiction books for children and young adults to fifty. In addition, she is the co-author of a mythology book, Magic of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses (New Page Books, 2005), and has had short stories published in Luna Station Quarterly and the Dark Oak Press anthology Dreams of Steam IV: Gizmos. Three of her song lyrics have been set to music and recorded by her husband, Arthur Hinds (of the band Emerald Rose), on his solo CDs Poetry of Wonder, Dance in the Fire, and Tome of Mystery.

Kathryn’s writing for young people is largely focused on social history, with particular interests in belief systems, gender roles, and the lives of everyday people. She has written two books on the ancient Celts, two on the Vikings, and five on the ancient Romans, and has covered societies as diverse as New Kingdom Egypt, early medieval India, and Elizabethan England. The Healer’s Choice draws on much of Kathryn’s historical research in its world building she would, in fact, have liked this to be a historical novel, but she couldn’t settle on a time and place that would have produced the situation her characters find themselves in, and so she had to make a lot of things up. The resulting novel has been characterized as Game of Thrones meets Mists of Avalon, and tells the story of a land of subtle magics, where a woman of peace must face the violence within her, and a man of war must learn that weapons will not give him the victory he desires.

In addition to writing, Kathryn worked for more than twenty years as a freelance editor, primarily of YA novels, SFF, and historical fiction. Since 2011 she has taught in the English Department at the University of North Georgia. Her recent academic writing has focused on Shakespeare’s sonnets and Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. Kathryn suspects that one day she may well wake up to discover she has become Nanny Ogg.