Mike Faber

Director Mike Faber is the guy behind the ever-growing ESO Podcast Network. After years of listening to various comic book, sci-fi, music, and Doctor Who themed podcasts he figured why the heck couldn't he do it also? Hence Earth Station One was born on April 6, 2010. Mike has been hosting The Earth Station One podcast for the past six years with writer Michael Gordon, and exploring the worlds of “all things geek.” Mike started the ESO Podcast Network in 2012 and while acting as the chief creative officer, ESO has expanded into a multimedia network spanning blogs, the addition of over 30 individual podcasts, web-video, live-events and a book of short stories based off of the podcast. Mike has recently been teaching and mentoring new podcasters on how to start and produce new shows. Director Faber is a man of many concepts; constantly coming up with new hare-brained ideas and never really knowing when to stop. That’s probably a good thing for the ESO Network and its ever-growing audience.