Aaron Fever

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Aaron Fever has been peddling his “comedy” wares on the Internet since 2007. First with the podcast Cabin Fever (with Brian Fitzpatrick), then he expanded to terrorize both www.needcoffee.com and www.asitecalledfred.com with his mad ramblings. Recently, he even helped set up www.thewebsiteofdoom.com.

Fever make lots of videos, is a guest on a podcasts, and writes articles. He has started a collection of these items on his blog Fever Dreams.

Offline, he performs comedy live with the improv group A Suggestive Biscuit since 2013 and has been part of the sketch comedy team No Milk Day since the same time. Fever also been taking part in Dragon Con since 2008 and has been on  panels with Paul Dini, Dana Snyder, Doc Hammer, Joseph Scrimshaw, and more.