William C Brock

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Bill Brock is a accomplished cryptozoologist, author, and the host of Destination Americas Monsters Underground. Brock has investigated sightings around North America including sightings of The Rake, Sasquatch and The Mothman. Brock has donated documented proof of Bigfoot in Maine the evidence can be seen at the Cryptozoology Museum in Portland. This includes Bigfoot prints collected from a remote location in Northern Maine. One of the most well known investigations has been the Turner, Maine Bigfoot footage; the team proved that this was no person in a suit and that this was a real creature. The team has also filmed multiple UFO's and proved they were not anything man made. Brock and his team are currently researching the giants of North America and how they tie into the legend of the Mothman. Is the Mothman a Alien? Brock and his team will find out.