Guy Dorian

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Guy Dorian started his professional comic career at the age of 21 at Marvel Comics as a penciler in Daredevil, The New Warriors, Marvel Comics Presents, and Night Thrasher. Throughout his career, he has continued to work for Marvel on projects such as character development for the Silver Surfer cartoon series, as featured artist of Marvel’s The Complete Avengers trading card set, Marvel’s Heroes vs. Villains and 70 years of Marvel card sets, and recently as an inker on Marvel products. You can see his latest works as inker for Marvel Entertainment products worldwide on a variety of magazines, coloring and activity books, Marvel video games, wall posters, and cups, just to name a few!

Excitingly, Guy is co creator (with Dan Slott) of the character Scorch featured in Marvel Comics stories and on the hugely popular hit TV series, Marvel's Agents of Shield.

Guy's upcoming work slated for this year includes penciler and inker artwork in the The Thing 25th anniversary publication, and penciler in ROM Space Knight. In addition, Guy has created, and is involved in, at least six other intellectual properties that are in production for this year, which will have a huge all star cast of major Marvel and DC comics greats and legends of the industry. The first title, COR, published through PKMM Entertainment, is soon to be released.