Larry Dixon

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Larry Dixon is a polymath from a family of inventors, explorers, special forces operators, pilots, racers and farmers. He has been a fantasy and science fiction writer and artist for over three decades, as well as a volunteer firefighter, race car driver, falconer, hotrodder, manhunter/detective, modelmaker and designer. Larry has done work for countless indie houses, as well as Marvel, DAW, Tor, Harvard Press, Baen Books, and is currently a Disney asset as a book illustrator and creature designer.

Larry’s lifelong work with birds of prey led to his role as the Great Eagles advisor for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films, providing the photographic reference and flight footage that their animation was built upon. Basically, if it has feathers, Larry is who people call first.

Larry has cowritten with or ghosted on several million books worldwide, but his favorite work, The Black Gryphon, is in its 31st printing and counting. He has worked on around 60 roleplaying and computer games, having begun in the 1970s when D&D was first starting, on up through the Wing Commander games, and now helps friends at several game companies.

Larry has been a Guest of Honor or Guest at 258 conventions worldwide and counting. He believes there is room for everyone, and loves to help out new artists, writers and designers. He is a Most Viewed writer in many expert categories on, and is approachable and helpful.