Lea Hernandez

Lea Hernandez is a comic book and webcomic creator, known primarily for working in a manga-influenced style, and for doing lettering and touch-ups on manga imports. She is the co-creator of Killer Princesses, written by Gail Simone and published by Oni Press; and the creator of Rumble Girls from NBM Publishing.

She did art for comics published by Marvel Comics and DC Comics including Marvel Mangaverse: Punisher (a one-shot), and Transmetropolitan (two two-page shorts). She also did art for three issues of The Hardy Boys manga-style series at Papercutz.

Hernandez published several webcomics at Modern Tales and was the original editor of Girlamatic. Her webcomics include Atelier Divalea and The Garlicks. Hernandez has written several short stories for collections of science fiction and fantasy.

She was a vice president for General Products, USA (the U.S. marketing arm of Gainax) and was briefly a guest editor for Wizard. Hernandez appeared in Adventures Into Digital Comics, a 2006 documentary on the comics industry.