Hunter Cressall

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Hunter had graduated from The University Of The South, Sewanee Tennessee with a degree in economics. That in hand, Hunter moved to Los Angeles and quickly began a career in feature films.

From 1990 to 1999, Hunter Cressall worked on commercials, television shows and over thirty feature films as prop master, Art Director, and Production Designer. When not running the art department for feature films, Hunter constructed detailed miniatures for special effects sequences in film and television. In 1996, produced the in-game cinematic segments for Sony’s Twisted Metal franchise.

By 1998, the internet, digital video and nascent high definition video had begun to transform the industry. Looking for new opportunities, Hunter took a position with Leo Ticheli Production in 1999 to become a new in-house director. There Hunter worked with the brand-new Panasonic Varicam HD broadcast camera and honed his already considerable editing skills on Avid, Final Cut, and Discreet non-linear systems. Hunter worked with such clients as Blue Cross of Alabama, McKee Foods, Alabama Power, UAB Medical, and Segway. It was at Leo Ticheli Productions that Hunter Cressall produced the now infamous Mac Switch Parody that still enjoys a huge fan following worldwide.

In 2005, Hunter started his own high definition and multimedia communication company. He quickly earned recognition as a resource for multi-format and non-standard media production. Hunter became a frequent lecturer and seminar host for filmmaking and multimedia production, conducting workshops across the Southeast. With his corporate experience and comprehensive media background Hunter was able to custom build communication solutions for his clients both in terms of technology and organization.

Today Hunter Cressall produces custom instructional content, news releases and promotional video for a wide number of clients. Recently Hunter cofounded Obvious Notion a production company with his long time creative partners Brian Pace, David Woods, and Phil Sutton. In this new venture, Hunter continues to be a vanguard of emerging digital media and continues to be a pioneer of new applications for existing technologies. And despite his best efforts, his Mac Switch Parody continues to find new viewers.

Obvious Notion is now completing its first steampunk feature Engines of Destiny.