Clay and Susan Griffith

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Fiction and comic book writers Clay and Susan Griffith are the authors of the Vampire Empire series by Pyr Books. The series includes the books The Greyfriar, The Rift Walker, The Kingmakers, and The Geomance, and they combine high adventure, alt-history, steampunk, and paranormal romance. Paul Goat Allen of Barnes & Noble referred to it as "the future of genre fiction." The audio books of the Vampire Empire are narrated by James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) and have been nominated for the prestigious Audie Awards.

The Griffiths are also the authors of the Crown & Key trilogy, which is a fast-paced adventure story of magic and monsters set in the early Victorian Era.

They have written comic books for many years including The Tick and The Simpsons. They also contribute to the television and online show Monster Creature Feature.