In Memoriam

Novelist, game designer, and friend of Dragon Con Aaron Allston has died at age 53.

Early in his career Aaron worked as the editor for Space Gamer magazine where his work for earned him an H.G. Wells award. Mr. Allston also began designing game supplements for Steven Jackson Games and then for Hero Games. His work on Champions won him early respect and renown, which continuously grew over the years due to his pioneering ideas. Three years later he began working with TSR, doing amazing work for Dungeons & Dragons. That relationship continued through the mid 1990's.

Aaron also contributed to many computer RPGs from Origin Systems, including The Savage Empire in the Worlds of Ultima line and Martian Dreams.

Mr. Allston transitioned to novels in the 1980s with his first work Web of Danger being released in 1988. His second novel Galatea in 2-D was published in 1993.

Aaron gradually moved from game design to full-time fiction writing. In 1997 he began working with the Star Wars Expanded Universe line where achieved great success with over a dozen successful novels. Aaron also wrote a number of other novels as well for various franchises including Terminator.

For years Aaron, along with Michael Stackpole and various other respected authors, conducted a series wonderful writer's workshops at Dragon Con intended to pass on their knowledge and experience to budding authors.

A respected writer, amazing creator, and lover of film, we will miss you Aaron Allston. May your passion for passing along your skills and knowledge to new authors inspire those who follow to do the same in turn. May the Force be with you.