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In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that we must say goodbye to one of our own, Comics Director and beloved Dragon Con friend, Thom Trainor.

Where one legend wears cape and cowl and another dons a flowing red cape with an S emblazoned on his chest, our legend chose a less conspicuous uniform consisting of jeans, doc martins, and a black short-sleeved dicky.  Those other legends were heroes of fiction while ours is a legend of men.  While those fictional heroes might have super-human powers or deductive reasoning beyond the norm, our hero, Thom Trainor, possessed much greater powers.

As all heroes should be, ours was truly the good guy.  Whether he was giving spare change to someone in the grocery store line, keeping a homeless man’s important items safe, or freeing a dog from a hot car, Thom loved to help people as well as animals (especially dogs).  Anyone that knew Thom understood how much he loved dogs, but none more than his beloved pup Velvet.  Velvet was everything to him.  There was nothing more important in his life.

Thom also loved a good story, especially when he was the one telling it.  Whether made up, true, or a little of both, he captivated those lucky enough to sit in on one of his yarns.  Thom had the unique ability to make complete strangers burst into laughter.  His quick wit and charm warmed peoples’ hearts and brought smiles to those in his presence.  He also did the world’s best Norm McDonald impersonation, sometimes not even realizing that he had slipped into his “Norm” persona until someone pointed it out.

Thom loved good music, a good book, a good movie, and good conversation with friends over a good drink.  Thom loved life and chose to live it to the fullest.  Even though he suffered the curse of bad genes with his health, he didn’t let that slow him down.  After surviving six heart attacks, he knew his time with us was limited; once saying, “I'm gonna spend whatever time I have left loving what I love and disregarding what I don't.”  We could surely all use a little more Thom logic in our lives.

Thom possessed an unparalleled love and eye for art and had an uncanny ability to spot new talent.  He used this gift along with his flair for design to turn his home into an extraordinary exhibition that was truly a testament to who he was.  His love of comics and art shaped the Dragon Con Comics and Pop Artist Alley into the unique experience it is today.  Thom put his heart and soul into Artist Alley, always striving for originality and tailoring the show to the fans as well as the artists to make it the best experience possible.  We will continue in Thom’s footsteps, doing our best to preserve his vision.

Thom believed that respect is earned, not given, and didn’t suffer fools gladly.  He was surrounded by great friends and knew it, truly appreciating them as much as he was appreciated. 

Thom once quoted Joe Jackson’s song “The Verdict,” “We don’t know what happens when we die. We only know we die too soon. But we have to try or else our world becomes a waiting room.”

Thom, your world was never a waiting room, but a fun, creative place, filled with, stories, laughter, and love.  This world just lost a great one.  We miss you very much, friend, and wish you a safe journey to your next chapter. 

Thom Trainor


Thom Trainor