In Memoriam

There simply aren't enough words in the English language to do justice to the creative genius of Darwyn Cooke.

A master cartoonist without peer, his love and respect for the legacy of comics imbued all of his work with an unabashed enthusiasm that made every story both fresh and familiar. In an era when iconic characters are relaunched, rebooted, and reinvented on a regular basis, Darwyn managed to stay true to their roots while making them seem as vibrant and new as the day they debuted. His ability to capture the enduring magic in the very essence of our beloved heroes was unparalleled, and will likely remain such for many years to come. He was truly modern comics' best friend.

While we are terribly saddened by his loss, we cannot help but take comfort in the incredible body of work he leaves for generations to discover and revisit for many years to come. We thank him and his beloved Marsha for their gracious warmth and generosity, particularly when it came to the fans. Always the gentleman, he seemed as thrilled to meet you as you were to meet him, and left you feeling like every story he graced was crafted especially for you.

And it was.

We will miss you, Darwyn. You truly were one of a kind, and will forever remain so in our hearts.

"We'll be friends forever, won't we, Pooh?" asked Piglet. "Even longer," Pooh answered. A.A. Milne