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Director: Jessica Parker

Cartoons cartoons cartoons!  Animation has influenced art across the world for over a generation, take a step through it with the DragonCon Animation Track!  We welcome animated writers, voice actors, professionals and more to give you the run down on this complex business, in the US and around the world.  We also welcome back the annual Cosplay Contest, hosted jointly with the Anime/Manga track, featuring some top notch costumes from animated TV, movies, and games around the globe. Catch your seat early to view the best of the best-recreated anime/animation cosplays!

The Animation Track is set for a toon-tastic year with major voice actors, animators, professionals, and more! This year, the Animation Track will feature voice actors, industry professionals, artists and creators, exciting events, and the return of the Dragon Con Cosplay Contest (jointly with the Anime/Manga Track). Details about the Cosplay Contest can be found in the Events section of this Progress Report. Our ever popular Ask A Character panel will feature special guests that will answer your questions in the voices of their characters - be sure not to miss this one as it will be a loony time for all to remember for years to come. Highlighted features of the Animation Track this year include guests such as Rob Paulsen (Pinky and the Brain, The Mask, among countless others), cast members from animated features, and animators from major Hollywood projects. In addition, we are happy to welcome Linda Ballantyne (a wide variety including Sailor Moon & Care Bears) and Charles Martinet (Mario, Luigi, Wario, and more) to Dragon Con 2017.