Board Games

Director: Phil Collins

Come hang out in Dragon Con's basement for a change and have fun with our extensive game library, take a load off and meet some new friends.

At Dragon Con, board gaming is a catch all section including traditional box games as well as non-collectible card games. Our focus is mainly on old school war-games and the newer German-style games, as these tend to be what our fan base wants to play, but we are open to all types of games. Complexity varies from tactical games like Star Fleet Battles to simple card games like Flux. You do not need to know how to play to join in the fun. The judges at Dragon Con are specifically chosen for their instructional abilities and are happy to teach you. However, for tournaments, we do recommend a degree of game knowledge. Most of our tournaments offer prizes ranging from copies of the games to framed certificates to show off to your friends.

Once the gaming registration site is up, you will be able to purchase the $5 board gaming ribbon, as well as tickets for limited seating tournaments. If you are interested in judging, you can contact us at listing the game you wish to run and we will get back in contact with you to discuss it.