Live Action Role Playing

Dragon Con 2016

Live Action Role-Playing Games Division

In order to apply for LARP space at DC16, please submit an email completely answering the following questions to  Once the application is received, the DC LARP staff will consider the application or call on you to provide more detailed information.  Please be aware that LARP space at DC16 is limited and as such, all decisions are made towards providing our convention attendees with the best LARP experience:

Dragon Con 2016 LARP Application Questions:

  1. Production Company Name;
  2. Head Storyteller and Convention Liaison, if different (both names, please, with current phone numbers and email addresses);
  3. Game System you wish to run; be as specific as possible. If the system is a home system (meaning one that a person could not just go to a gaming store to purchase the rules), please provide a general description of the rules system;
  4. Tentative Plot Name and Description. If you are merely requesting a "display only" table allocation and not requesting to run a scenario, please advise of this as well;
  5. Estimated Number of Players (both maximum and number anticipated);
  6. Space Requests. Please be aware that play space is at a premium at Dragon*Con and, if approved to run, LARP games are usually allotted no more than one room (that can be sectioned off into two (2) rooms via air wall) from the available space;
  7. Number of Narrators you anticipate having on staff;
  8. Description of adversity resolution and combat systems. As a reminder of the information above, please note that Dragon*Con maintains a strict "peace bond" rule, so if your combat resolution system relies on physical interaction (boffer), you will either have to utilize an alternative dispute resolution system or run a scenario not involving boffer combat;
  9. Prior CONVENTION experience running LARP games;
  10. Whether you are a returning D*C LARP production company or wish to run for the first time;
  11. How many days/nights you plan on running the game and your preferred day(s)/night(s) that you will be running? Please note that this is ONLY a statement of preference and that, if game scheduling conflicts are unavoidable,  the D*C LARP staff does its best to work with all production companies to maximize everyone's happiness;
  12. If your game has or intends to seek sanctioning from any organized role-playing body; and
  13. Does your production company have a website where you will have specific information about the game you would like to run at the convention? (It is OK if you don't. It is just helpful to us if this information is provided with your application.)

Due to the condensed timeline, all decisions will be finalized by the end of June.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact to