Thursday, Sep 1, 2016 (7:00PM)
Hyatt Centennial Ballroom I-III

Alright DCW fans and DCW Hooligans, it's time once again for another amazing DCW in the HOUSE!!!!!! This year we are mixing things up and moving the show to Thursday night. Yep, that’s right, I said Thursday! All of you crazy people show up a day early to get ready for the adventures that we like to call Dragon Con, so this year we decided to give you the chance to adventure a little early and see some really wild guys doing some REALLY crazy stuff! And that’s just the DCW Hooligans I am talking about! I can’t even begin to tell you what Slim and Azrael much less Tank and Iceberg might do!!!

First of all, let me say that last year was an amazing show of support from all you fans for me and AJ and all the wrestlers as we paid tribute to The Commissioner, Gerald "Tiny" Dockery. I want to thank you for being there and for all the words of support and the memories that so many of you shared. He would have been so proud….so with that, the show must go on and it DAMN well will.

You know it won't be a show without some smack talk and people jumping off the top rope. This is our 15th year of running DCW so of course, we have several “secrets” up our sleeves. You know us, we like to plan out lots of surprises and then let the cards fall because the guys always change things on us at the last minute!!! Heck, we never know what to expect when you have guys like Nemesis, Mikal Judas, and Brody Chase just to name a few showing up.

Of course, Jeff G Bailey - manager extraordinaire (in his mind anyway) will be there to tell all the fans how great he is! The Rev. Dan Wilson will be in the house to intimidate any opponent of his crew as well. Crystal will be there to support her man Azrael and maybe do some damage or her own!

You know where we are DCW fans, the Hyatt, pool level - 7pm Thursday night September 1st. Folks, you are why we put this show on and do what we do! You guys are the best wrestling fans anywhere. You are the most loyal, dedicated folks anyone could ask for, from the newest, to those who have been with us from the beginning.

Dragon Con Wrestling Director

Kim “Mama Kim” Dockery