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Urban Fantasy

Director: Carol Malcolm

The Urban Fantasy Track focuses on intriguing storytelling in books and media in a genre where supernatural beings of all varieties often exist side-by-side with humans.

Since the track’s inception in 2013, we have been fortunate to feature many wonderful and well-known authors in the field. That trend continues for 2017! In addition, you will find fan panels over fifteen television shows and we are extremely delighted to welcome the terrific cast of Wynonna Earp.

2017 marks the fifth year of the track! In addition to our regular programming, we have three special events planned. We are honored to host the first-time screening of Red Sun, a feature-length Dresden Universe fan film. With the addition of Buffy and Angel to our programming, we are very excited to announce the return of the Buffy Horror Picture Show.

In celebration of our fifth fantastic year, we will put on our first party! Please stay tuned to our Facebook page, website, and Twitter for details on these special events, and we look forward to seeing you on the Urban Fantasy track!

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