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Good Eats...The Panel

What:  Good Eats…The Panel

When: Sunday, 4p          

Where: Marriott Atrium Ballroom

Good Eats was and is the geekiest food show ever devised. Fans have been raving for a panel for years and finally we’re giving it to you. The added juice is that Good Eats show runner Alton Brown is cranking up his flame mixer, knocking the dust off the yeast puppets, and doing it again! AB and crew will talk about the Good Eats reboot at DragonCon, and may even leak more info on when, where and how fans can get their eats on. Among the crew joining Brown on the panel will be long time Good Eats cast member Lucky Yates, production designer Todd Bailey, and Brown’s attorney Twitchy, or is that Itchy…never could tell them apart. Oh, and there will be a brief puppet show because…puppets.