Palmetto Knights

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Performer list.

Palmetto Knights, headquartered in Columbia, SC and supporting the greater Southeastern region of the USA, is a non-profit organization dedicated to a holistic and inclusive approach to the research, training, demonstration, and competition in various forms of historic martial arts, both domestic and international.

The team is part of the American Medieval Combat Federation. We compete in the HMB (Historical Medieval Battles) USA league to then go and represent our country in the world championships, Battle of the Nations, against over 33 other countries.

We also are members of the HEMA (Historic European Martial Arts) Alliance, which studies historic manuals to further understand and learn the historic way to wield various weapons from the bygone eras.

For Dragon Con, our crew is expanded to include members of other clubs from around the country, along with representatives of various HEMA schools and historic reenactment groups. Our ranks include, Amy Graham and Sandra Lagnese, 2 of the first 6 women from the USA to compete internationally in the sport, taking home the gold back in 2014. We also welcome Keith Cotter-Reilly who has been teaching and practicing HEMA over 10 years and regularly competes in competitions around the world and is just back from the largest tournament in the United States. Come meet these and many other exceptional folks here to entertain and teach you.